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Meet Dr Zoe


Zoe studied Dentistry at Peninsula Dental School after completing an Honours degree in Medicinal Chemistry at Glasgow University.

Once graduating as a Dentist, she worked in Aberdeenshire before moving back to her hometown of Edinburgh.


"I believe in minimally invasive dentistry and with my background in Chemistry I have a sound understanding of how best to use dental materials to allow a very conservative treatment approach. I frequently build on my skills and have carried out multiple postgraduate courses. I find the study of occlusal disease very interesting and am very excited to start learning with the British Society of Occlusal Studies this year." 


To compliment Dentistry, Zoe has completed advanced courses in Facial Aesthetics and subsequently ZO (Zein Obagi) Skin Health. Healthy skin gives a perfect foundation for facial aesthetic treatments and the ability to provide both is great.


"My goal is to ensure that as a patient you understand and learn the causes of dental disease, how it can be prevented and how we can treat it individually.


I approach facial aesthetics and skin care in the same manner, it is not a one size fits all and our uniqueness is what makes us. A little bit of self love can really help you be the best version of you." 

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"It gives me great pride to see patients happy with the results we have achieved."

Dr Zoe Brown

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