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Why I Decided To Embark On A Dental Website and Blog...

I really enjoy life as a dentist. It’s a rewarding career where I can utilise my unique skills in a way that helps people. It’s never boring and I continue to learn daily. I also get to see, in most cases, the start middle and end of a patient journey! 

So why did I set up a website and blog? 

Easy, after working in a very busy practice treating over 20 patients per day I realised that the public or patient perception of dentists was far from, in my opinion, the truth. I found there is a stereotype of what people expect a dentist to be like.

My mission is to change this and help people realise that we are human like everyone else... except we have a strange passion for looking in peoples mouths all day. 

Dentists receive quite a bit of ‘stick’ and there can be quite a lot of negative press about us. Most dentists however honestly have your best interest at heart and are here with the aim and desire to help. 

When we tell you that you are not brushing enough or as well as you could be... When we tell you that you MUST clean in between your teeth at least once per day... When we tell you to reduce your sugar intake and that coffee, tea and wine isn’t brilliant for your teeth... When we tell you to stop smoking - the list goes on! This is NOT us moaning, this is because we have a duty of care to educate you as best we can. But believe me, the struggle is real for us too! We too are tired and can’t be bothered to brush and floss at night, we too love a good black coffee in the morning followed by a large glass of red in the evening. Or maybe I speak for myself?!

When we notice an issue in your mouth, whether it be tooth decay, crowded teeth that are difficult for you to keep clean, gum disease or an old crown or filling that needs some TLC, again, it is our duty of care to tell you. And it is in our make-up to want to treat this in order to improve your dental health with the hope that this will also improve your overall general health. I think a lot of people out there are unsure because most of the time, an issue in your mouth becomes painful or problematic when it is more severe and actually a lot more of a challenge to treat. If you leave a problem until it worsens the cost and time required to fix the problem is more. Although you are always entitled to a second opinion should you wish!

I hope that with this blog you can find some relatable and helpful dental knowledge! Enjoy xx

P.S. Happy to take requests to myth bust anything dental like it's a dental nightclub and I am the DJ!

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