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In-House Tooth Whitening Vs At-Home Tooth Whitening

A quick breakdown of each and my opinions on them!

In-House Tooth Whitening:

Whitening your teeth whilst in the dental chair…You get the pleasure of spending an hour relaxing in the surgery whilst the magic happens. This is a great and speedy way of achieving a brighter smile. Philips Zoom is my product of choice for this whitening system. Whilst you relax, we will place the whitening agent on the teeth which is then accelerated using a light.

My Thoughts:

Great if you need an immediate result as you will notice your teeth are whiter after the hour. However, this option always requires maintenance and I think it is much better when combined with At-Home whitening. It is a little more pricey because of surgery time but as I said, if you want white teeth fast, it is a great option.

At-Home Tooth Whitening:

Initially you will see your dentist so they can provide you with custom made whitening trays (this takes two appointments - the first to take a record of your teeth and the second to fit the trays). Once your trays are ready and fitted, you’ll be shown how to get started. At home whitening can take anything from a few weeks to months as it is totally dependent on your teeth. The desired result is within your control and you don’t need to worry about over whitening, or under whitening… stop when you are happy! Review appointments with your dentist are encouraged.

My Thoughts:

I like home whitening, it can be carried out either at night or if you prefer you can do it during the day for a few hours. Depending on the strength of gel you are given/ask for. If you have sensitivity you can stop for a night or two then start back up again. You can also do a mini course to top up if this is required before an important social occasion or event! As long as you keep your trays and they still fit correctly. This option is fully under your control and I think this is ideal as you know what results you’d like to achieve.

Some dentists offer both these services and in my honest opinion I think a combination is fantastic but I also think At-Home Whitening can achieve wonderful results at a slightly lower cost.

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