Facial Aesthetics

Dr Zoe offers a wide range of facial aesthetic treatments at Edinburgh Gums and Teeth. 


Zoe studied with Medics Direct to begin her journey in aesthetics. Since then, she has completed Advanced Dermal Filler and Botulinum Toxin at the Aesthetics Training Academy in Glasgow. 


Although Botulinum Toxin is very well known and associated with reducing wrinkles, this medicine also has a powerful affect on the masseter muscle when treating patients who suffer from bruxing or clenching their teeth.

This ties in nicely with Dr Zoe's keen interest in occlusal disease and tooth wear and it is a great additional treatment to offer for patients  struggling with jaw pain and other pain associated with parafunctional habits. 

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"My favourite treatment to carry out is cheek filler because I feel it targets more than just the one area giving a subtle but fresh and defined look." 

Dr Zoe Brown